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February 18, 2019 

(EARLY REHEARSALS) 2:30-3:00 Music- Group A & Katherines- King of New York


 (EARLY REHEARSALS) 3:00-3:30 Music- Jack and Crutchie; Santa Fe Prologue and Santa Fe (just Jack)

                                                         Dance- Group A, B and Katherine- King of New York

 3:30-3:40 Welcome, prayer- Warm up exercises

3:40- 4:15 All Music- Once and For All (Record Parts)

4:15-5:00 Music- Group B, D and Spot and Darcy- Brooklyn’s Here

                  Dance- Group C Beauties and Medda

                  Drama- Group A & E- Pages 33-38

 5:00-5:20 Music- All- Carrying the Banner

 5:20-6:00 Music- All not in below rehearsal- Review- Once and For All -and finish recording parts if necessary             

                  Dance/Drama- Group A, Katherine Page 5-17 Carrying the Banner

 6:00-6:30 Music-Group D- Bottom Line and Reprise

                  Dance- Group C, Spot, Darcy (Also Group B) - Brooklyn’s Here

                  Drama- Group A and Jacobi- Jacobi’s Deli Pages 45-51

                  Group E is off

(LATE REHEARSAL) 6:30-6:45 Dance- Jack, Crutchie, Buttons, Splasher, Tommy and Jojo